A small text about 3d printers in generall

First of all! watch this:
Everything he’s saying is spot on and is applicable on our printer.

The Mother of all forums!

BOM (for a classic Prusa i3)
building a prusa-i3
Building a classic Prusa i3 video

Hotend used in our workshops!

(We have a 3mm to 1.75mm filament adapter if you want one)

Connecting the cables from the 3d printer to the ramps 1.4 shield

How you 3d print

  1. Make or download 3d model
  2. Import into netfabb or Meshlab (optional but sometimes necessary)
  3. Import into a slicer or a Host-program with a slicer.
  4. Adjust temperature,layer height and printing speed to match your filament and desired quality. 
  5. Export to SD-card or print from host program with USB
  6. Check if the filament is inserted erted properly into the feeding mechanism and that there plenty of filament on the spool.
  7. Check if the print bed is level
  8. Preheat printer
  9. Choose the file on the sd card to print and the printer starts to print.
  10. Adjust the speed with the nob if it looks sloppy. Turn it counter clockwise to turn the speed down. 

Print: Check if the first lines of extruded plastic sticks to the bed.

Firmware (Marlin)

This is a link to our firmware
Documentation on our firmware (only the configuration.h file)
Firmware basic configuration-set-up-guide

This is some feedback from one of our participants concerning the firmware:

I have had some problems with the Z home point not being detected correct every time.

The way I have mounted my Z endpoint micro switch, the hysteresis if the micro switch was longer(1.6mm) then Z_HOME_RETRACT_MM. this had the effect that after the 1mm retraction the end stop was still engaged and homing would stop 1mm wrong in some cases.

I saw other people having the end stop placed in a similar fashion. So I would recommend setting the Z_HOME_RETRACT_MM to 2 or even 3.
It might be added that you find this line “Z_HOME_RETRACT_MM” is not  in the same “tab” as the other configurations. It is located in the Configuration_adv.h

Software to run a 3d printer
Slic3rs and control software:
Repetier Host

3d modell postprocessing software